Aerial Abstracts & Scenic Photography
By George T. Sandy

George T. Sandy has been photographing nature scenes both from the air as well as from the ground for more than 30 years. He has a successful aerial photography business located in Irvine that he started in 1970. Sandy's specialty is aerial photography most often used for interior decor, marketing and advertisement. Though commercial photography has been a wonderful occupation for him where he was able to combine his two favorite hobbies of flying and photography, his heart is in photo- graphing the unique scenery that he sees in his travels. Such scenes as the fiery glow of the California Poppy fields in the Antelope Valley titled Ablaze With Poppies for which he won 1st place award for best photograph in the City of Laguna Beach artist's contest. One of his favorite photographs he titled "Desert Dendriform" -a vertical view of spring water draining on Koehn Dry Lake bed making a tree-like pattern also won a 1st place award. Never having entered a photography contest and winning 1st place, inspired him to share some of his wonderful and unusual pictures with others. 


Copyrights 2002 George T. Sandy
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